Everybody needs to chill - Vector telling his fellow Mandalorian's to calm down and remain focused.

Vector Throne-x was a mercenary during the Galactic Cold War he was one of the most richest bounty hunters ever alive. He retired after the third global conflict and married Zayvazor  during he retirement.

  • Biogrophy : Vector was a cyborg made in 1900 before World War I he joined the U.S. Marines and trained in naval ships he wrote back to his siblings and family he met Ryan Dunras, Jack Jonathan Clayex, Fredric Shepherded he is good friends with Rex Rexor Tron-ex . After World War I he came back to fight in the second world war. He fight in the Korean and Vietnam
  • Mercenary Life : Vector during his retirement from the Marines he decided to be a mercenary and gaining his money as he sees fit. He became the champion of the great hunt. He was on the Republic's most wanted list. 
  • Joining the G.R.E : Vector was orignialy in Clan Lok but left to join Razor's alliance to defeat both the First Order and the Eternal Empire he was in charge of training both the clone marines and mandalorians from his original clan. He said that it was the best thing he could ever asked for and loved his days of being a marine drill instructor.